is an online portal for motion graphic designers to pick up industry standard briefs as freelance jobs. The videos produced are for the most part short and destined to social media marketing. We are given guidelines and assets from the client itself and Vidsy takes control of the communication between us creators and the companies. It is an awesome way to build up my portfolio while learning how to deal with short deadlines and specific design requests.




Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | Premiere | Audition

Thanks to this job I can tackle different clients with different needs. This gives me variety in my workflow and enables me to learn different styles of communication. Here is a growing list of the clients I have worked for thanks to Vidsy.

Blizzard – Answer The Call

Henkel – Naturale Antica Erboristeria (N.A.E.)

Lancome – Blurred Matte

Flash – #InWithTheOld

NowTV – Rocketman

NowTV – Christmas

NowTV – Halloween