A little about me


I had my first computer at the age of 8. By the time I was in high school I was already tinkering around with the Adobe programs, fascinated by its limitless capabilities. After a year and a half of IT engineering I soon realised that I was drawn more to the look of the program than the algorithm itself. From that day onward I have accumulated 2 years of web/graphic design experience, achieving an HND degree in Interactive Design. I have now graduated from my Bachelors in Digital Media & Interaction Design at Napier University with a First Class Honours.

yes, it’s me

My skillset:

Branding: I do full brand identities for any type of client, both business and private, tailoring my design to their needs.

Interactive Design: I like to include in my projects elements of interactivity such as apps, websites, videos and smartphone interactions.

Motion Graphics: I can convert any message into video format with modern compositing techniques, making it a true crown jewel for any occasion.

3D Modelling/Animation: Knowledge of 3D is essential in today’s world. I can model, texture and integrate any 3D model inside my workflows, adding that extra oomph to any project.

Visual Effects (VFX): Keying, rotoscoping, motion tracking, you name it! I am able to film and edit video to an extent where fiction and reality seamlessly fuse together.

Editorial Design: I value printed material as much as a well designed website, so I put a lot of focus in my projects on all formats of print.


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