In March of 2020, I joined Neon Eye, a small film and video production company based in Edinburgh. As a motion graphics designer, my primary focus has been on collaborating with their client, MYNXG, an industrial security technology company. Within this role, I have been responsible for crafting videos tailored for their in-house needs as well as for marketing purposes. Additionally, I engage in various small projects for Neon Eye itself.



After Effects | Premiere Pro | Cinema 4D | Photoshop |  Illustrator | Audition

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The Projects

Fellini Podcast


This is just a section of the full video that I am making for one of the Neon Eye Home Cinema podcast series. It is a promotional video that will be shared on social media and it is meant to attract people to the website.

The style is retro neon, and it takes inspirations from vintage moving billboards placed around bars, hotels and places of business.

MYNXG – 5G Towers


This is the first of an series of videos meant to describe the product offered by MYNXG. Each video has to be around 1 minute in length.

In this one it is shown how the installation of 5G towers on the industrial site achieves a network where there can be end-to-end encryption.

MYNXG – Access Management


This video illustrates the method of tracking and managing the access of vehicle and employees inside the site area. The aim of this is to bring attention to the MYNXG app and its NFC interaction, which allows the system to easily track and record every event.

MYNXG – IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers)


Here are explained the features of these chemical containers. MYNXG offers to make them “smart” by adding interactions between the IBC units and the application via sensors.

MYNXG – High Level End User (preview)


This is just a short snippet of the full video that is being made, which will serve as a promotional material for the marketing of the MYNXG systems.

Compared to the other videos this one is more viewer friendly and has a less corporate feel to it.