This marked my inaugural experience in a team-oriented pipeline, where each member was assigned specific responsibilities. My role primarily involved project direction and providing 3D and VFX editing expertise. Our collective objective was to create a one-minute video integrating various visual effects techniques.


I thoroughly enjoyed working on this and will repeat it given the chance.



Lorenzo Castelnuovo: Director – 3D Artist – Editor
Celina McTavish: BTS Videographer – Editor – Time Manager
Matt Blaikie: Videographer – Editor
Lucy Smith: Assistant Director – BTS Editor
Steven Whitehead: Actor – BTS Editor
Millie Skakel: BTS Videographer – Editor



Photoshop | After Effects | Premiere Pro | Cinema 4D | 3DS Max

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This video outlines the creative process of our video. The whole production period took only two days and was shot on two different locations: the kitchen of my flat and the university green screen studio.


Through methodical planning of every scene, we managed to give the pre-production a professional feeling. We luckily were able to get our hands on two different cameras, one used for the main recording and the second for the behind the scenes. This allowed us to get a double perspective on the project and facilitate the B-roll cuts, also it made possible to reference the makeup and costume of our actor when changing locations.