My goal was to create a series of posters that all connect with each other. I decided to use the CMYK colours as backgrounds and female face portraits as the theme. Each piece represents an art movement or a designer, as interpreted by me. They refer to a fictitious exhibition to be held in the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art in Newcastle.




Photoshop | Indesign

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

The first poster takes the famous Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, blending it into a portrait of a female model. The face features blend into the ones of the urinal, with the addition of some misplaced items to give it more of a Dada-touch.

Sagmeister is known for his work with lettering. He is a very aggressive designer, meaning that his pieces are strong and impactful to the viewers eye. I applied his style to the face, using the venue name as the content of the face-painting.

This poster tries to capture the essence of the Pop Art movement. Bright colours, comic book feel and Andy Warhol style is what I tried to mix in this image. The pattern of dots is dynamically applied to the face through a displacement map, which follows every detail and contour. The model is also in a very dynamic pose which helps in conveying the message.

By far my favourite poster, this image represents what surrealism is all about: the unconscious. The two half faces represent the conscious part of the mind (right) versus the unconscious and obscure mind (left). Both are part of the same whole, but the cracks and the unsettling facial features of the left side suggest that they are radically different. The black key background fits perfectly with the obscure and mysterious art movement.

Poster Mockups